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Mike Beggin, Owner View

Mike Beggin is passionate about many things. First in his life is his family.
He was born and raised in this area and has strong roots that include a large supportive family and numerous friends.
Mike's true passion is muscle cars. He started this business back in the 80's finding extreme cars and making them beautiful. He opened our current service center in Davis as a detail and paint shop. Graduating from Highland College with honors in mechanics it was natural that he started repairing vehicles that belonged to friends. That need grew and the demand for performance rather than beauty evolved the service center into what it is today.
Not being satisfied easily, Mike wouldn't give up his desire for buying cars.
Over the years our economy has taken on a change that has changed the car business as he knew it when he first started out. The one thing that hasn't changed is Mike's passion for finding good quality pre-owned vehicles to offer to his customers. He travels our Southern states many times each year searching for affordable cars that he can be proud to put on his car lot in Dakota.

Mike enjoys watching The Miami Dolphins and Mike had the rare opportunity to meet one of famous players when he was on one of his buying trips.

Cars-R-Us Sales & Rentals Inc
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